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What am I billed for?

If your credit card statement directed you to visit this web site, then your credit card was used to purchase a subscription to a membership based web site. The " KRUSHBILL.COM " descriptor on your credit card statement is not the same as the name of the web site that you joined. The best way to identify exactly what membership the charge on your statement was to search for your subscription.

How do I cancel?

To cancel your subscription, click here and carefully follow the instructions provided.

What name or company will I billed by?

Your membership will be discretely billed under the name KRUSHBILL.COM .

I've paid, received a receipt but cannot access the site with the username and password that was assigned to me.

Here are some possible solutions to your problem.

For best results make sure you are using the latest version of Mozilla Firefox (free download) or Internet Explorer (free download)., not the browser provided by AOL, or any other internet service provider.

Ensure that you have cookies, and java enabled. To do this, follow the directions below.

a) Click Tools, located at the top of your browser between favourites and help.
b) Click Internet Options, Select Security and then Custom Level.
c) Scroll down until you see Cookies, select enable.
d) Continue to scroll down to Microsoft VM Java Permissions, select Medium Security.
e) Click OK when finished.
f) Close Internet Explorer and reopen.

**Please Note** Users of Internet Explorer 7 must select the privacy tab in order to enable all cookies. Java permission must be set as explained above. To change your privacy settings follow the directions below.

a) Click Tools, located at the top of your browser between favourites and help.
b) Click Internet Options, Select Privacy.
c) Move the slider to the "Accept All Cookies" setting at the very bottom.
d) When finished click Apply then O.K.

Additionally the following programs are incompatible with our sites and should be set to low, before accessing our sites. These include but are not limited to Norton Website Security, WatchDog, Adguard and any firewall programs.

Login is CaSe SenSiTivE, this means if your username and password have CAPITAL letters you must login using capital letters, enter your username and password exactly as shown on your membership form.

If you have been a recurring member for consecutive months, please check to make sure you have been billed for the current billing period. If your payment has been declined, your access will be revoked until the rebill is successfully processed. As soon as your rebill is processed your access will automatically be reinstated. If you have been rebilled and are denied access, please email with your subscription information for assistance.

I have not received my email receipt for my purchase?

Please always remember to check your junk email folder or your Spam protection program for your receipts as they come from addresses you do not normally receive emails from.

I entered an incorrect or bogus email address upon joining. Can you change it?

Yes, we can update your email address to the correct one on your account. Please email with your username, the incorrect email address entered upon joining and the correct email address you would like on your account. For future reference, please always enter correct and accurate information on your join form.

Why do I have to scroll right and left?

Chances are your screen resolution is at 640x480. Please try changing your screen resolution to 1024x768 or if Possible Even higher. The Higher your resolution the better you can view the site.

Wait, If I cancel my membership Online, will I be able to access the Website for the rest of my Trial/Monthly subscription period?

Of course you’ll have access to the website for the entire time you paid for. Cancelling your account simply stops the billing cycle, so the access is not cancelled just then, only the billing. Website access will be denied only after your access period has ended.

I’ve paid for a membership and consulted the Troubleshooting Section, but I’m still having problems Logging in. Now what?

There are many possible reasons why these could occur. Whatever are the reasons, Click Here to contact our Customer Service. They will be happy to help you in any way they can.

Will you mail anything to my home?

No. We have no need to send you any kind of material or info via mail. All correspondence will be sent via the email address you used to join.


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